Saturday, May 29

Makani's Stars

Though Makani's Serenity is not an outer space type of story, I've known for a long time that the stars were important to the characters.  And I've wished and looked for a theme or prominent object in the story that I could find jewelry of and wear - my own little symbol for my novel and beloved characters.  (I got this idea from Rebekah Roberts' novel Petals and her rose jewelry.)

But it wasn't until a recent outing with my good friends, Rebekah Roberts and Hadassah Fey, that I accepted that the stars, and in a way the night sky, were that object or idea that I had been wanting.  We were at our favorite dollar jewelry store (we really go all out when we hit the town), when we found a long golden chain with a circle pendant of a Man in the Moon profile with a star inside the bottom of the circle.

It was the first piece of jewelry with or about stars that I had really liked.  This one had character.  I knew within seconds that this was the pendant I had wished for.

Amusingly enough, the moon is not mentioned once in my novel, and there is only one star in the circle.  Nevertheless, this was the one for me.

And by that point I was so excited about stars that I kept looking at the golden necklaces on the wall, a small section that vanishes among thousands of colorful fashion jewelry throughout the store, and I found another pendant that I wanted greatly.  This one was smaller, on a short chain, and in some ways rather simple, but that made it all the more perfect for me.  It was a clear plastic gem that catches the light with a four point golden disc behind it, looking like a star twinkling in the darkness.  It didn't take me long to decide to buy it.

If you see me wearing either of these, I'm thinking of Makani's Serenity.


  1. Gold stars are kind of your thing?

  2. I like the one with the "diamond" a lot!

  3. Well, Stephen, they seem to be now. I hadn't expected them to be, but yes.

    Aw, thanks, Jaimie. I thought it might be a bit much of a stretch of the imagination to say it's a star, but that's what I did all the same.