some poetry



Little red number
Facebook notification
Friends talking to me

I say “Hi.”
He doesn’t respond.
Right. Stardom.


Little points
Bright colors and cheer
Night so free

Warrior Matron

Go off, my love,
Accomplish thy tasks.
Come home to me, 
Day's end at last.

My work unseen,
You'll wonder what I've done.
But if not for me,
You wouldn't call this "home."

I work all day,
So you'll be fed,
The house clean,
And made, thy bed.

My tasks unending,
Yet rarely known.
My work is mending,
What all needs sewn.

I work for you,
My love, my champion.
Striving all day,
Against a battalion.

You fight in the field,
Where money wars wage.
The mouse, my enemy;
The dust, my plague.

You are my warrior,
And I thy matron.
This home is ours,
Our love unshaken.



Five years of study
And eighteen before
Culminate in one night
And one afternoon of glore

Now I leave these walls
Lined with brick and book
In search of my dream
I know I'll find when I look

I move on, ambitious
You've taught me well
My teachers, my mentors
Now I navigate the seaside swell

Fiction is my realm
Yet real my tale
Story is our mirror
Of life behind the veil


Belated Valentine Sap

 He stands on the stage
Blind to those around
Singing his heart
Uplifting my own

He knows a good show
And keeps it sincere
His love pours out
All charm and treasure

It's impossible
And some dreams must
But I hope mine won't
Simply turn to dust


There Are Times

There are times
when the phone rings late
and I hear the tears
before I know anything else
When all I know is a friend’s hurt
and with her I ache
a chance lost
a hope drowned
a truth buried
With her I cry
wishing somehow
to take the weight away
to stem the bleeding
to apply the balm
But my temper flares
when I hear how she was hurt
and I’m ready for war
like a mother bear
God help me
I need to remember
You are in control
You offer grace
to those who don’t deserve it
including me
And I look back at my friend
my sister for years
covered with fresh and dried tears
and inside I break
and with her I weep
The night drags dark
but together we somehow know
we somehow still hope
the night will end
a new dawn will shine
and we count the hours
until then.