Saturday, May 22


ThePlotPoint was born on this day, May 22nd, over two decades ago. But during her childhood, no one knew that the squirrelly little girl who enjoyed everything from sitting on her parents' laps to pretending the lawn mower was a monster would have the dream to write stories and would grow into that role.

That little baby girl was Dorathea Maynard. Me. I am your typical writer, meaning I'm just like any other ordinary person, but I process things differently. For example, when I hear the birds' joyful chatter at the dawn of spring, I don't stop at the perfectly satisfactory "The birds are singing pretty. I like spring." I have to complicate life and I go further to wonder just how exactly to describe the tweets and trills, warbles and scratches, and overlapping melodies of the different birds. Then I wonder if I could possibly use that in a story.

I read and write fiction because it is a fun way to look at life. And just as I enjoy reading more than one genre, I write in many genres. I have several stories written and dancing in my imagination that include: children's historical adventure, children's sci-fi adventure, adult sci-fi thriller, young adult sci-fi romance, vampire parody, vampire quest, and more. I even like to dabble in poetry.

Now, here I am, closing in on finishing my novel, Makani's Serenity, a young adult coming-of-age story involving class struggles, self worth, and sacrificial love.

So, join me on my adventure as I finish Makani's Serenity, work on the plethora of other stories I have in mind, and live life.  As Peter Pan said, "To live would be an awfully big adventure."


  1. Living is quite the adventure. I look forward to reading your blog!