Wednesday, June 23

Music, Please

I seem to be collecting instruments.  Through the course of my life, I have picked up one instrument after another.  Some I have taken formal lessons for, others I have attempted to learn on my own.  I have tried about six instruments (worth mentioning) and I have at least two more I'd like to learn.  Though I don't have great proficiency with any of them, I still know enough to play a little here and there.

You see, without music, I would probably go crazy.  I like having melodies surround me almost all the time.  If there isn't a radio or CD player handy, I am my own mp3 player around the house, in the store, and wherever else I go.  I like to make music as much as I like to hear it.  And every now and then I hear something that tickles or soothes my heart and I decide I have to at least try to learn the instrument that was used.  I know I wouldn't mind getting a chance to play with uilleann pipes.

When the world is too silent, music is often my answer.  Even in a book.  And that's why Makani, who lives in a town empty of happy noises, or even most noises, takes delight in the idea of music.  She longs for something to fill the oppressive silence.

Which of your characteristics, quirks, or lifelong habits have you used to make your story world and characters come to life?  Can you think of others you'd like to try?


  1. Art and design. You'll find something along those lines in almost everything I write. And food.

  2. I try to add music to my stories whenever possible. It's so important and says so much about a character.

    Also, I have an award for you on my blog.


  3. I think that's great, Carol. Those are everywhere in life and very important. And food! That made me laugh.

    It does say a lot about someone, Clarissa. I've pretty much decided that the protagonist in my next novel is going to wind up a music box every night when she goes to bed. Now I just have to decide which one song it will play. That will take some thinking.
    Oh, wow. Thanks, so much!