Wednesday, August 11

Sometimes, a kick in the rear is what you need. Sometimes.

Okay, I haven't been very accountable about my goal to finish my book by (gulp) Saturday.  Yes, August 14 is already nigh upon me.

I got a little motivation from this guy who's writing a blog post on whatever that's awesome every single day.  I thought it was good to have deadlines and stuff like that.  Something to make you (okay, okay, me) accomplish the task and work toward the goal.  Especially since it is (yikes) visible to the world at large whether or not success is (I've run out of good words - I've used task and goal, improve vocabulary - without being obnoxious, of course), anyway, finish the race as it were.

But here was my real kick (that's for you Inception fans).  I joined a group on Twitter, #Write2TheEnd, of several writers who have set goals to finish their novels.  It's a support group.  And a challenge group.  I got a "teeny butt kick" from Ami Hendrickson.  It was true, I suppose, that I needed someone to say, Hey, I've noticed that you haven't done what you set out to do.  Of course, I knew I hadn't (not yet), but having some one else involved, someone who cares enough to say, Get back on track, and, You can do it, is a nice thing.  Even if it sometimes involves a teeny butt kick.

So, I finished typing up the 12 handwritten pages I had, and I checked the word count.  In the past nearly-a-month, I wrote 1,638 words in my notebook (well, okay maybe not quite that exact, because the typing was, after all, a chance for a little second drafting).  Anyway, typed up it was 1,638 words.  I'm actually pleased with this number, though it's not anywhere near enough, and (again, a gulp) I'm not changing my deadline marker.

Sooo, Saturday, or by the end of it, I have to cram in some probably, mmm, let's say 7,000 words (in the hopes that that's all it will take to bridge the gap that's left in the story).

7,000 I can do.  I hope.

I'd rather not need another kick in the rear.

So, win, lose, or draw (how one would draw a challenge such as this, I don't know), by Monday I will have an update on this blog to let the world know if I reached my goal or not.

Let's kick this pig!


  1. Yay, Dotty! I don't like teeny butt kicks so kudos to you for accepting this one. You can do it! Now (and you know what I'm going to say)...GO KICK THAT PIG! ;-D

  2. I bridged the gap and wrote to the end. I have finished the rough draft of Makani's Serenity, and I did it by my deadline!

    More details coming Monday. See you then!