Saturday, October 9


Well, that was an unintended hiatus.

Thank you for cheering me on when I finished Makani's Serenity.  Somehow shortly after that life got so overwhelming that I slipped out of the internetting.  And I've missed being here.  But now I'm back!

I probably won't get to write as often as I did when I started out, but I want to keep writing.  In some ways, I need it.  After all, am I a writer if I'm not writing?  Of course, I will keep working on my next novel, but here I can do things other than a long fiction piece.  A respite.  A break.  An opportunity to have other adventures and explore (and to write choppy sentences for fun).  And a chance to take you with me.  Which was the intention of this blog to begin with.

After all, to live would be an awfully big adventure.

Shall we?

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