Friday, February 18

Gotta work for my dreams.

I take from Disney's "The Princess and the Frog", other stories, and from life.  You gotta work for your dreams.  I've gotta work for mine.

If life were handed to you on a silver platter, would that be any fun?  Well, okay, yes it would.  Sort of.  Work isn't a bad thing.  Adam and Eve worked before they sinned when the world was without blemish, so I think it's safe to understand that work, of itself, is not a bad thing.  And dedicated work pays off.  The great people of history are renowned because they didn't quit, and they didn't sluff off the tasks at hand.  They worked for their goals and dreams, and it paid off.

I need to remember this.  I forget and tend to think, "It's my day off.  I should study or outline a story, but it's my 'day off.'  I don't want to work today."  But you know what?  Nothing gets accomplished that way.  I dream of getting paid to write, but a dream without work behind it is a daydream—thin, fleeting, and far from satisfying.

I'm not knocking rest and taking time to smell the roses.  Actually, I'm all about rest.  I love rest; it's a great pastime.  But remembering that work is a good thing and that it leads to better things, well, it's something I need to do a little more often.  Perhaps remembering that working for something, toward a goal, does actually lead to better things is the hardest part for me.

Every protagonist in a story works for their goal (all characters should).  Did you ever wonder why characters not only have to have a dream or a goal but must work to achieve it?  Why it's not going to be handed to them?  Because our goals are not going to be handed to us.

I need to remember that my goals are achievable, and that should give me heart.  I like stories that show just how hard a character had to work for the goal, because when it's achieved, I am inspired.  I am motivated.

So, do this: Realize that fiction is what it is and has the plot elements that it does for a reason.  It's a reflection of the challenges and the grandness of the life we live.  Dream bigger than fiction, because life is bigger than fiction, and work for your dreams.

I'ma gonna get up now and get to it.  I daydream big.  Now it's time to make it real.

P.S. - If you say, hear, or think the word "life" enough times, it starts to sound really funny.  Life!

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