Saturday, June 4

It's Another Mezcla Day

If you've ordered pizza online you've seen the little additional comments window.  Well, with a little inspiration from the interwebs, I decided to have a little fun and experiment.
I ordered three pizzas and asked them to draw a rocket.  The fun part is interpretation is up to the folks boxing up the pizzas.  I figured a rocket would be a good experiment to see what they would do.  Nothing too crazy, though next time I might get a bit more inventive.  We'll see.  Here's what I got:

I know it's kinda lame, but fun, just the same.


I have now been to the ER two times, neither time was I the patient.  I would like to not go a third, as patient or friend or family of the patient.  However, I am glad that I took a first aid, CPR, AED certification class a couple weeks ago.  Here's hoping I won't need any part of it ever again!

Flowers are a nice thing to have in the house.  A friend dropped by with three white daisies, which are now in a small vase in the living room for everyone to enjoy.  A lovely gift anytime.


I took the week off from reading and writing blog stuffs, Twitter, and Facebook.  I'd caught myself on them (particularly FB) far too often for far too long without reaping benefits (or giving them, either).  So, this addict stepped back for a time, and it was nice.  I need to always remember that as fun and handy as social media can be, they are not, in fact, life.  Balance, as with everything, is important.


This blog post is possibly the hardest thing I've ever had to format.  I managed to get the separation tildes in the center twice without aligning all my text with them, and now they have completely flummoxed me.  I have no idea how I did it before.


Last, and not least, if you're in the area:
Free admission. Come and see beautiful dance today.

Southside Christian Dance Recital 2011
6pm, June 4th
Hillsdale Free Will Baptist College
3701 S. Service Rd.
Moore, Oklahoma

This is one of the highlights of my life every year.

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