Wednesday, November 23

Thanks to my friend, Rachel, at Savvy Sheep, I decided to try my hand at a (short) list of things I'm thankful for this year.

Savvy Sheep: Six Things I'm Thankful For

These are just some of the specific things I'm thankful for.

Potatoes. Yes, that's right. I'm thankful for roots out of the ground. I'm thankful for how filling the food is, especially in the shifting fall and chilly winter weather. I'm grateful that potatoes can be prepared in a wide variety of manners and dishes. Potato soup is probably my favorite cold weather dish. Rib-stickin' good.

Owl City songs. In brief: they are encouraging and uplifting, even when there's a hint of sadness. They're honest. In not so brief: Dear Adam Young...Thanks

My jobs. I have about five jobs and will add a new one next semester. That's what you have when you go freelance. I appreciate the income, of course, but more than that, I love teaching and passing on what I know about writing to the next generation. (...That is almost weird to write.) I also love writing, which has yet to bring in money, but it's a passion nonetheless.

The couch. No kidding, this couch has been a constant companion this year. And many a needed nap and I have met here on this piece of furniture that's long enough for my six foot frame.

My rocking chair. Who woulda thunk I would eventually have a rocking chair in my room? Granted, it spends much of it's time as a shelf for things that need put away, but when I get it set up the way I want, I will have my very own, comfy reading and writing rocker. And this particular chair fits me well making it nice an' comfy on my back.

My "write your own story" coffee mug. A gift from a friend. I like mugs because they hold coffee and hot tea (tasty and soothing!), and I like this mug because it matches one my friend has and it inspires me to take action for the things I want (one of those things being writing).

What about you? What are you thankful for this year? Comment here or write your own blog and link back. I look forward to what you think of.

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