Saturday, March 10

Jumbled Jungle in my Brain

One would think that, being a writer, when I'm under the weather I would write a lot, or at least read more. Alas. Yesterday, I sat all day and repeatedly employed the equivalent of the neti pot's cousin. I couldn't even focus enough to read the library book I have on Kindle. (Although I am excited about my newest novel that I've started. I'm seeing what happens when I pit an assassin and a pacifist as antagonists.)

But today, feeling more human than yesterday (and yesterday was an improvement on Thursday), I'm back to reading and am quite enjoying the continuing saga of The Ranger's Apprentice. Right now, I'm in the midst of book nine, Halt's Peril.

At first I was not happy with the change from the Ranger's apprentice being just that, an apprentice, to being a full-grown, graduated Ranger himself. Not to say I didn't want that to eventually, someday, at-the-conclusion-of-the-series happen, but...well, I expected it at the conclusion of the series. Not five books into a series of ten or so books.

But, I adjusted, and I quite like them all being grown up. Especially since the characters still work together most of the time. I would recommend, however, that if you like to read stories in a chronological order, read book seven, Erak's Ransom, before five and six, The Sorcerer of the North and The Siege of Macindaw, respectively. You'll enjoy more suspense that way.

And, for my Kindle, I'm excited. I just bought a skin and cover that came all the way from Hawai`i (...squeee!). I've got to go there someday. The cover is what I needed, but I bought this particular bundle for the skin. Pink plumeria flowers. Yay! A nice decoration without causing distraction while reading: perfect.

And, yes, I haven't forgotten that I still owe pictures of my reading nook (note: that's not an ereader, because I have a Kindle). I've been using it, so it is a little mussed from when I originally finished (and it looked gorgeous), but it's still very functionable and reasonably clean. That's the goal, after all.

...I'll never have anything spotless.


  1. Haha! Spotless just isn't for some people. We never strive for spotless around here. Auntie Leila's "reasonable clean", all the way!

    1. Exactly. "Reasonably clean" is pretty much what I'm going for. Thanks to Auntie Leila, I know that's okay. I love her.