Wednesday, July 18

There Are Times

There are times
when the phone rings late
and I hear the tears
before I know anything else
When all I know is a friend’s hurt
and with her I ache
a chance lost
a hope drowned
a truth buried
With her I cry
wishing somehow
to take the weight away
to stem the bleeding
to apply the balm
But my temper flares
when I hear how she was hurt
and I’m ready for war
like a mother bear
God help me
I need to remember
You are in control
You offer grace
to those who don’t deserve it
including me
And I look back at my friend
my sister for years
covered with fresh and dried tears
and inside I break
and with her I weep
The night drags dark
but together we somehow know
we somehow still hope
the night will end
a new dawn will shine
and we count the hours
until then.

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