Friday, March 11

Favorite ...Disney Movie

On a recent road trip, out of the blue I asked everyone in the car, "What's your favorite Disney movie?"

When it was my turn to answer, I couldn't limit to just one.  I like several, and for different reasons.  Here's the list I came up with.

  • Sleeping Beauty  ~  Princess Aurora is beautiful, but it's Prince Phillip and Merryweather, the fighters and defenders of the movie, who make this one sweet.  I loved Merryweather's spunk so much, I dressed like her for Halloween once.  And who could turn down a man who would face and defeat a dragon of Hell to save his love?
  • Beauty and the Beast  ~  The friendship that grows from this one is the highlight of the story.  Belle learns to see past the outward appearance, and she notices when the Beast is selfless.  The Beast is given a chance to act like a human, and the transformation of his heart melts mine.
  • Mulan  ~  A coming-of-age story with honor, danger, a hopeful wish of romance, building friendships, and a large goal.  All with a happy ending.  This is my favorite type of story to write, and this one is arranged beautifully.
  • The Princess and the Frog  ~  I love to watch opposites Naveen and Tiana, a lazy party guy and a workaholic woman, find the balance of play and work.  And I like that Naveen catches on a little quicker than Tiana does and is ready to sacrifice.  These two are crafted well for each other.
  • Tangled  ~  The adventure is fun, Mother Gothel is frighteningly convincing - making an excellent villain, and I couldn't love Eugene and Rapunzel more.  But the end makes this movie.  Eugene's sacrifice ties my stomach in knots, and every time I fear that all is lost.  Yet in that loss, it is beautiful because Eugene's choice reminds me of Jesus of the Bible on His way to and hanging from the cross.  It leaves me speechless.

What's your favorite Disney movie?  What about it touches your heart?


  1. Hercules! Well, off the top of my head, anyway. It's just fun. The songs are *awesome* and I identified with Meg in high school. I dressed up like her once for a princess party.

    Mulan is really good though, too. I tear up every time she reaches the top of that pole to get the arrow.

  2. Ooo, I forgot about Hercules. When I watched it again after forgetting basically everything, I couldn't believe how good it was, music, characters, plotline, and showing what a true hero is.

    That is a sweet moment in Mulan, I agree, though I've never teared up over it. (But then I don't often tear up over movies. I'm working on that.)