Friday, March 25

Walk on Fear, Someday to Fly

I'm fighting the fear.  I've let it keep me from editing my stories, from finishing old projects, and from moving forward on new ones. But that's the fast track to nothing.

I remember my first rejection letter. I had sent a short story to a magazine and waited a few months for a reply. I expected a rejection, but knew there was a possibility that they'd buy it. When I opened my rejection letter, I wasn't discouraged; I wasn't beaten down. For some odd reason that I still can't quite explain, I was encouraged and excited. Probably because I'd taken another step forward, and I knew I would still take the next step forward.

And I am.  I've just started a Facebook Fan Page.  Take a look.  It's my new Facebook home.

Someday I'll walk. Then my feet will fly over the land and the wind will refresh my face, and I will run.

Today, I take another step with my head held high.

What fear are you facing?  What will you do to overcome it and keep moving forward?

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