Thursday, May 19

{phfr} Graduation Style

round button chicken

Had to, had to, had to post this for {phfr} though it has essentially nothing to do with domesticity.

I know, it's are pretty.  My best friend's brother (my adoptive brother) gave me this as a surprise after my graduation from OU and made me feel special.

My niece, Lucy, was a bit overwhelmed by all the people and noise and a wee bit tired, but I got my hug and later she and I danced.

My badge of honor at my party, given and improved by my sister-in-law, Jessie.  She also painted my graduation cap of awesomeness below.

I received several compliments for my Tangled cap, and friends and family were able to find me!  She So Crafty eyeballed the star for me.

This really happened, it wasn't a dream...This really happened, it wasn't a dream...

My published friend and fellow graduate, Jaimie Krycho.

My published friend and fellow graduate, Jelani Sims (left), and my published teacher and mentor for the last two years, Mel Odom (center).


  1. Yea! Congratulations on your graduations!

  2. Love how you personalized your cap. It looks amazing! Congrats on your graduation!