Thursday, June 16


round button chicken


I bought this claddagh at the local medieval faire this year as a "class ring."  This picture was taken before I had it engraved (though if you could see the engraving, that could work as {real} since they engraved it upside down), and was used in my graduation invitations designed by Vaughan's Ink.


This...was a long time ago, but oh so happy.  I really should make it again.  I got the recipe for this apple crisp at  Such a great site.


Once again, my niece is the star.  She found our Christmas tree decorations that were still out and about and brought them over, so I put them on my ears to be silly.  But "Ah-Die" (Aunt Dotty) was happy to be imitated when Lucy asked for the ornaments to be put on her ears.  Then, in her adorable high voice, she said, "Take picture," and posed while you can believe I took several.


I am not always serious.  And we like blankets in our house.


  1. The ring is lovely and so is your niece! Stopped over from PHFR.

  2. Oh, thank you very much, Misty! Glad you came by.

  3. Lol, love that picture with you playing the guitar like a violin! Lucy is so cute! :)

  4. Haha, the guitar photo is awesome and the one of your niece is priceless.
    Stopping over via PHFR!

  5. Your niece is adorable!

    That apple crisp looks yummy. I always have to have mine with some ice cream too. =)

  6. Heehee, thanks, ladies. I didn't happen to have a bow nearby.

    Thank you! I have to agree. My niece is quite the winner.

    This apple crisp is so good it doesn't need ice cream, but when it's available anyway....

    Thanks for taking a look!

  7. Great photos! Love the "earrings"! What a cutie.