Thursday, June 23

Growing in Beauty - Old Blog New

After more than a year of inactivity, I am taking a new look at the world with Uluwehi, my old blog.  Beauty has been on my mind and heart, and at Uluwehi I hope to share with you my thoughts and experiences on the reality of beauty—both of the world we live in and of women—not to-do lists that anyone has to live up to.  I write Uluwehi with the hope that it will be a place of encouragement.

Gentlemen, you can read this blog and join the conversation.  It might grant you a better insight into the hearts of women (it's not impossible).  Ladies, Uluwehi is written with you in mind.  I've met women who didn't think they were even pretty, who thought their form of beauty wasn't enough, who were afraid of being overlooked, who would rather stay hidden, and more.  I'm one of them.  So I come at this blog in an effort to correct my thinking to the truth and to share it with you.  We don't have to be Megan Fox in order to be absolutely stunning beautiful.  You are beautiful.  You may or may not think so, but you are.

Obviously I am not the ultimate say in the matter of beauty, but I hope to look to the One Who is as I write Uluwehi and as I live life.  I will be imperfect.  Though I will always put effort into writing with clarity, I may not always succeed.  I don't even know if the blog will be of any help or not, but I think this is important, so I will try.

I've added a link to Uluwehi in the sidebar under "There's More Here" and you can click this link to jump directly to yesterday's post renewing the blog.

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