Friday, July 22

{phfr} - Writer's Edition

round button chicken

I wanted to put a writer's twist on {phfr} since I'm not really a homemaker (maybe someday), but I was a little short on creative material (as a writer, I haven't done much that's docu-photo worthy) so I offer you this and hope my off-kilter {funny} allows you a smile or perhaps even a chuckle. Have fun!


As one who understands reality through fiction/story, this is perfect. This decoration was a gift and happily hangs under a writing award of sorts and over my desk, which I hope to return to using for writing...after I clear it off...again. Ah well.


Happy that I wrote a short story specifically for this blog and it's now available for reading, complete with its own tab (which has a link back to the original posting, should anyone wish to add comments) to make it easy to always find.


This picture was shamefully staged (no one was around and I was still embarrassed) and has nothing to do with writing except that I am a writer and this is a roundabout intro, quite possibly only sensible in my oddly-connecting thought patterns, to my recent whimsical idea: I wouldn't mind if Adam Young asked me to dance. I know, I know. You're probably thinking I'm a silly school girl with a silly celebrity crush...and you might be close to right, but not quite. One, I am no longer in school, and two, I'm not yet to crush point (but if I get there it would be my first celebrity crush and he's a Christian and a real person [not to be elevated to god-status], so a little crush wouldn't be a bad thing). Right now I just think if Owl City came to Oklahoma and Adam Young decided to ask me to dance...well, I wouldn't mind.


Laptop collection! I have two currently, and hopefully a third soon on its way—the third will be the first one owned new. On the left is my old Apple, The Three-Legged Horse, a school auction bargain and a good computer even still, but not suited to my needs now. On the right is my old Dell, Smalls (have you seen "The Sandlot"?), a garage sale deal and a grand one at that but now no longer fast enough for my needs (also, I've dropped it a time or two, but this only added battle scars to the casing and hasn't harmed the machine itself). Both computers were affectionately, though earnestly, named. I wonder what the new one will be called? And if you're wondering, yes this picture was staged...but only a little.


  1. I'm glad you joined and made the phfr idea your own. It isn't just about homemaking for a family, but about your own inner contentment that allows you to bring peace to others. Too much anxiety in our world!
    Well done.

    The Sandlot is a favorite around here! And crushes are part of being a girl :)

  2. LOL! Oh, Auntie Leila, I love you. Thank you. :)

  3. It would be your FIRST celebrity crush?? Really?? Man, I can't even count all mine...

  4. Yeah, first. I've long guarded against crushing on celebrities (Rebekah can verify) because I never know if they're real or not (and most that I like, for example Hugh Jackman, are too old for me and that wouldn't be okay). But Adam Young is just so crushable (and the right age). Hm.

  5. Hmm. I experience crushes as things that happen to me, not as things I can control, which probably explains the proliferation. Like Hugh Jackman -- the way I use the word "crush", I'd say you already have a crush on him, you just try not to dwell on it. Which is probably good. :-)

  6. Thanks for stopping by, Dorathea! Welcome!
    I live in CT and the park is Harkness Memorial State Park. (you can rent the first floor of the mansion for your wedding, if you are planning 2 years in advance and have four and a half grand to spare.)
    But stay tuned, because we also went somewhere else after the park which was even better (at least, in my opinion!) I took so many photos that day, I couldn't post so much all at once.

    Now, I have to go look up Adam Young, and "The Sandlot"!

  7. Yikes, that's a lot of moolah and time to wait to get married. I'm sure it's stunningly pretty, but I think I'd rather enjoy being married than wait that long if I were engaged (even if I did have the money to spare). (Though it does make me think of the movie "Lake House".)
    I look forward to it!

    LOL! Oh, what to say.