Friday, July 29

Refocus and Weekend of Until Next Time

Short and sweet. I've gotten a little off track in my thinking about this blog. It doesn't have to be just about writing. It's about all aspects of life, specifically what I experience, express, and learn. And those things are shared through the unique medium of story, whether fictional or not, creative writing or just the facts, ma'am. I've forgotten this and got overly stressed about reaching a weekly "quota" of posts or figured I had to hit the mark with something that's "writerly."

What I've forgotten is I'm not the author of my own story. Sure I take actions, and I am a character, but I would need too many drafts to get it right if all the plotting and cast and setting and pacing and...everything...were up to me. I just have to determine my goal, and I can change it as I need to. So, new goal: don't stress, enjoy the adventure that is life, take it as it comes, try not to lose sight of the big picture, try not to take over the big picture.

In light of that, this weekend is kind of going to stink. My brother and sister in law are packing it all up and moving. I think we've gotten pretty close in the last couple years or so. We're bound by blood relation, but also by camaraderie and friendship. Now, for one year, that bond will have to be held by Facebook, email, and gmail video chat. It just won't be the same as the sanctuary Jessie always offered me to rest in her comfortable abode when I want to cry and Lucy vies for my attention. ::sigh::  In a way, it will be one less group to help, but I think their presence helped me as much as I helped them with little things like the few times I babysat or was chauffeur. And that sanctuary that I used more than once, that to me was desperately needed and priceless.

My dear Norman and Jessie and Lucy, I'm going to miss you, no two ways about it.

...Until next time...


  1. "camaraderie and friendship"

    I'll drink to that :-) We'll miss you too.

  2. Aw, Dotty, this made me tear up a little (and I'd been doing so well! And by "well" I mean "stoic"!). Thanks, friend.