Saturday, February 11

I Don't Have the Beast's Library, But I Can at Least Make Mine Tidy

Hello! I thought I'd give a little picture update of the progress on my reading nook. My deadline looms Monday. We'll see if I can get it finished.

I hadn't done much on the nook since my last post, but today...well, once I started figuring out what kind of books I wanted where, things took off. I love seeing my possessions in a pretty fashion!

Granted, I didn't take "before" pictures, so this may fall flat without a comparison. But I don't care. I'm just glad it's looking nice(r) now. I'll let you know if I managed to finish it all by Monday sometime shortly after.

top shelf: favorite books
shelf with lamp (yay!): classic and favorite stories (Lord of the Rings, Anne of Green Gables, Strawberry Girl...)
shelf with the bookend vase: just some more books
bottom shelf cut off from picture, mwahahaha

Ta da! Open the door to reveal books I'm currently reading, a hard to see glass jar holding bookmarks (on top of a coaster, ready to pull out for coffee while reading), borrowed books and discs, and my CDs.

Part of the organizing of the reading nook made it necessary to also organize my other bookshelf. The very top is not finished. Left side has Bible reference material. Top shelf has miscellaneous reference-type on the left side and writing/English reference material on the right side. The lower shelf has a pile of pictures to sort (oi.) and my DVDs. The bottom shelf is cut off as it is not even started.

I think I have enough reference books for writing, don't you? Oh, wait. I forgot. There are a couple more I have that aren't on there yet. Hm.

Some things still need homes...or to be gotten rid of.

Addendum: Low light, lamp on, in use. It's a happy night.


  1. This is looking great! I'm glad you're getting it to a state that makes you happy!

  2. What a cute lamp, Dorathea! I admire the neatness of the whole arrangement.

    1. Thanks, Lisa! And thanks for commenting! Sorry for the delayed reply; I've been on vacation and not keeping up with things as much. I think my dad found the lamp at a garage sale a long time ago and let me have it.

      I really should get the finished product pictures up. Alas, I'll have to tidy up a little bit. :P But at least I can use it now. :o)