Saturday, January 28

Yes, that is a mock up of Winnie the Pooh. No, you may not skin my bear.

I'm going to work. That means, I'm sitting in my reading/writing nook, and will shortly work on more stories for my immediate and your eventual enjoyment.

Ah, a writer's life for me.

Yes, I did get the reading nook cleaned up. Some. I'm not done as it's not fully set up as I want it, but at least I can use it in the meantime—and have, staying up late last night in the all-out battle climax of Ranger's Apprentice: Book Four: The Battle for Skandia—and be further inspired to continue my work. Not bad for less than a full week into a three-week challenge, right?

It's a start.


  1. What kind of messed up person would even THINK of skinning that precious little cuddly bear?!? I'm shocked and appalled. Shocked and appealed I say!