Monday, January 23

Reading Nook

Let's keep things real, eh? I've been reading a lot more since I graduated, because during school (high school and college) I was busy with academics and taking care of family things and generally stressed. And because I wasted a lot of time online. Nevertheless...

I have a reading nook, just waiting to be useful. Right now it's not, because there's a pile of clothes and I think a pillow and blanket are hiding in the mass on my rocking chair. Also, there is a spilled mess of various boxes and papers (some school, some story...most story was for school, heh) in front and on either side of the chair.

I think papers may be my worst enemy on this earth.

As such, I want to read in my rocking chair nook (and it may also turn into my writing corner), but it'll take a lot of determined de-hoarding to get there, so I just read on the couch instead. The problem with that? The couch is located in the living room, as is the TV, which is on more than not, and when it comes to moving pictures, I'm like a moth to flame. Which means I don't read as much as I could, and reading time ebbs into doing other things time, which means less gets done all around.

Sometimes I'm too easily distracted.

Okay, risking another kick in the rear from Ami Hendrickson or others, I'm going to make a goal, because sometimes public goals with a grade looming get me moving (unless I never post this, ha!), and it's just not okay for this cycle to continue. February 13th seems a good deadline to have my reading nook ready for snuggling in.

And when I say "nook," I don't mean the ereader, 'cuz I bought a Kindle.

Am I alone in this cycle, or do some of you have difficulty setting aside a secluded area for reading? If you had that problem and overcame it, please share how you did it!



  1. I read this the other day and thought "Maybe that's what I should do with my pantry shelf project - set a deadline. Aw what the heck - I'll just go do it now."
    And I did it! So thanks to your inspiration, I have now built my shelf!

  2. Oh, and while I was doing so, I remembered how I once told you I'd teach you to use power tools. Sad I never did! You should come live with us for a few weeks so I can. :-)

  3. Very nice, Grace! I find it interesting that the times I'm most disappointed with my own shortcomings or weaknesses seem to be the times I provide the most inspiration for others. Alas, I am not the author of my story or it would not be so. (So, all the more credit to the true Author, Who uses such things!)

    Oh, okay. How soon would you like me to come over? ;o)

    1. Oh, anytime! Maybe give me a few minutes warning before you show up though. :-)