Saturday, June 16

I Will Have It

Not that long ago I would walk into my room and a wordless feeling of despair would settle over me. This happened so often and for so long that eventually I distanced myself from the despair just to get from one side to the other, usually settling on my bed, my nest, to go to sleep or to get online and ignore the soul-sucking piles of junk and paper that littered everything.

But in the last week and especially the last couple of days I walk into my room and a triumphantly joyous thought voices itself: I will have it.

I will have my room back. I will have a clean, safe, soothing, environment. I will have things nicely decorated. I will have my pretty daybed up in place of my current bed (nothing wrong with it, honestly, but it doesn't provide the function that I want, and also, it's not mine).

Remember how it was such a big deal to have my reading nook clean and always ready? The rocking chair, the lamp, the bookshelf where I can keep library books. All the wonderful coziness tied to that. And I met my deadline, and I had put the work in it, and it was mine, all mine. (I know I still owe you pictures, but it's not tidy right now.) Well, now I'm doing that (without a strict deadline) for the entirety of my room. For too long I've let my possessions own me; I'm a self-proclaimed border hoarder. (sigh)

I've been cleaning, mostly sorting and shuffling things and throwing out notebooks and other paper from college classes. I've been opening up floor space (let me tell you, hope and refreshment are found in an empty floor!), finding things I'd forgotten but want to keep, uncovering my instruments (with renewed vigor to learn and practice), sorting my crafting supplies. Before that I was going through my closet, jewelry, and makeup. I still have some ground to (un)cover, but I've made noticeable progress. And any time I stop to think for one second about what I'm trying to accomplish, and basically every time I enter my room, I am encouraged.

I expect I'll always fight the tendency to keep everything (yes, everything, including, to my embarrassment, price tags from clothes bought an undetermined amount of time ago). But I intend to fight it from now on. I've picked a battle worth the effort, and I'm going to win this war.

I'm shaping my life into what I want it to be. And it starts here, with my room.


  1. Yay! This is so inspirational! I'm glad you're feeling encouraged. It just kind of snowballs, doesn't it? :-)

    1. Oh, I'm glad! Thanks! It does! A little hope can feed more hope; it's a great thing. And having a direction and goal to visualize is a huge plus for me. I don't know that I could do this without it.

  2. Hooray! I'm glad for you. I have recently been able to move some non-possessions out of my room and it definitely does feel wonderful to see an extra square foot of carpet here and there. I have let a little bit of clutter creep back over the past month. I think you just spurred me to go in there and throw it away (including a price tag pile from a shopping trip about a month ago). The key to the whole thing (which I never learn, by the way) is to tackle the junk before it gets over grown. Someday maybe we'll learn this, hehe. Maybe. ;)

    1. lol, you mean I'm not the only one who accidentally collects clothing tags?? Yippie! ...Well, sorta. ;)
      Here's to learning before we die! And in the meantime, celebrating the victories!