Friday, August 10

Friends in Far Places

I'm finding our connectedness and social media reach rather interesting right this moment.

How is it that I can never meet someone in person, never have the opportunity to, and follow the individual's happenings and rejoice and mourn with that person? How is it that I can relate with someone, not say so, and that person will never know the impact they have? How is it that fondness can form across thousands of miles without knowing someone well enough to get snocones together*?

I know one answer of the many ways this can happen. Blogs. I love blogs; they're almost as fun and as instant as Facebook. I can see what's going on in someone's thoughts and life and internalize it and relate in my own life. I can marvel at the insights others have and think they have great writing styles. Often, my favorite blogs are those telling stories, real stories about real people. People I don't know, but people who still impact my life.

Isn't that crazy? Blogs are pretty amazing things. And the people who chose to write them faithfully sharing of themselves are amazing too. I don't know if I'll ever make the grand road trips that I want to, but I think I've got friends in far places. Weird, huh?

Pretty great, too.

*I really like getting snocones with friends.