Thursday, December 26

One Word 2013

A year ago I learned about the idea to choose one word instead of making a list of New Year's Resolutions. Yes, please, I loved the idea right away having many times been frustrated by lists, lists, lists. I either could never come up with things for a list that I actually cared about or I knew the list wouldn't last beyond the first three weeks of January. Or both.

At first I didn't know what my word would or could be. But two things happened and I had it in an instant. My sister-in-law had mentioned One Word 365 and that she chose to keep her word private and personal. I knew I could pick a word if I didn't have pressure to share it, because I knew it would be an intimate thing. Then I read the post that explains One Word 365 and mentions that if the word doesn't scare you, that's not the right word. 

My heart skipped a beat as my word for 2013 slammed into it like a clingy ping pong ball. I knew my word. I knew there was no going back. And I knew I had to try.

I feared failing, and just as much I feared succeeding. Because my word would turn my world upside down if I let it. Which is exactly what I wanted, and exactly what I feared.

My word seemed impossible.

It was also the thing I wanted most.

I started strong but directionless, trying to find ways to live my word out in the little things. Life is daily, and so was my word. It was encouragement, it was a challenge.

There were brief seasons the whole thing slipped my mind, but the word always came back, ready to urge me onward.

And there were days I saw my life taking the shape of my word as I made hard choices while keeping it in mind.

It seemed impossible, yet here at the year's end, I have embraced and lived my word for 2013 more perhaps than I ever have before. And because of it, I'm looking forward to how much I will own it and live it out in ten years because I took the first steps now.

My word was FREE.

Now I'm looking forward to the next year and the next word. I’m not sure what it is yet, and I feel a bit like I'm trying too hard to find it. I'm not sure the fear will feel the same as it did last year, because last year my word was terrifying, and also I've seen what incredible things can happen in my life with a focus on one word for the bigger picture. Though I haven't quite found my word for 2014 yet, I think I'm close. I'm hoping it will clutch my heart and hold on fast much like free did. This year I'm more hopeful and a little bit less scared.

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