Tuesday, March 4

Daily Yoga Challenge

It seems I've found another challenge to pursue. And, like NaNo, it happens to be 30 days. Do I like this number?

Anyway, I used to dance, so I used to be more active and more flexible and more...comfortable with my body. (Not that I wasn't self-concious. I just felt better in general.) And I've thought about it for a while, wanting to be active but not wanting to run and not sure what else I'd want to do that would be inexpensive financially and with little time commitment and could be done on my own. I liked stretching when I took dance, and I still like it though I never do it; I've had a couple of false starts with yoga and tai chi before, but now I've decided to go for it. I even committed with a mat before I had a plan.

With some searching online, I found this 30 day yoga challenge. Immediately after watching and doing things with this lady, I signed up for the challenge without a second thought. It was the first video I'd found that I liked and thought I could do the things instructed.

So, today, day one of what I want to call YogaMo (yoga month...you know, like NaNoWriMo [national novel writing month]...it's funny in my head):

I really didn't want to yoga. I was so tired from work that I faded during dinner and just kind of deaded on the loveseat after. I covered up, napped through my niece's bedtime routine, and finally got up. I had a movie I wanted to watch (am about to), and time was sliding away. But I had enough to yoga before a shower, if I got going. Brr, I was cold, but long story short, I geared up in about five minutes, and pulled up the first video in the challenge that was kindly emailed to me. Right away I was glad I had. Day one was opening up the hips, and as one who sits or stands at work without being able to move much, but who used to do some of these stretches, it was great. Not easy, but I feel much better for having done it.

Tomorrow will be a challenge, but hopefully today will be an encouragment to keep going.

Now, I'm signing off to watch my movie, and...is it bad form to eat ice cream after yoga-ing? Even if it is, I kinda want some.

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