Wednesday, March 5

Daily Yoga Challenge - Day 2

Day 2. I was hoping for a video on shoulders because that's one area where I know I carry tension all the time, and that's what today's video was! Yay. ...But man that was hard! I'm pretty sure I worked my legs as much as anything else (I was never what I would consider super flexible, but I have lost so much and become so tight in my legs it's ridiculous) though I can tell my shoulders are looser than normal, and utterly failed to shift from some of the positions neatly into others.

Oh well. It's called challenge for a reason, and this is only day two. I guess I can't expect too much, and considering everything and how warm I feel now, I think it went well.

Tomorrow's video is supposed to help with posture. I may die.

If anyone wants to join me...

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