Thursday, March 6

YogaMo Day 3

That went rather well, I think. It wasn't as strenuous as I thought it would be, and this video was a few minutes shorter than the last two. I could kind of see this routine being a semi regular practice to have a stronger back and better posture. Though we'll see how my muscles feel in the morning.

My biggest problems so far seem to be those of logistics (...yes? I think I'm using that word correctly). My mat isn't quite long enough for my height, so I did a little bit of shifting back and forth to keep my face on the mat and off the floor, and I haven't quite figured out where to put my laptop so I can see the screen from standing up, lying flat on the floor, and anywhere inbetween. Plus, when reaching out sideways from the mat, I quickly run into objects and space limitations, but I think I can work on that one. Yoga takes up more space than I thought it would.

Woo hoo! I completed three days in a row (after nearly forgetting yoga entirely tonight).

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