Sunday, March 9

YogaMo Day 5

Whew, that was tiring.

Yesterday should have been day five, but due to a few personal reasons--and the time changing didn't help--I decided to just skip it. So today is my day five instead, and after the soreness that day four gave my abs, I'm kinda of glad that I had a little break between the second day of working on abs. This one included the lower back, and I gotta tell ya, I laughed when Erin Motz told me to try some of the poses.

I just wasn't happening. I need an arm workout in order to get an ab and back workout. And I probably need an ab and back workout in order to get an ab and back work out. The cycle persists. ...I'm mostly just glad this was the shortest video yet!

But I guess that's why I'm in this challenge and not giving up after I skipped a day. Tomorrow will focus more on the lower back, and I know I need a lot of help there. Hopefully it will be a little more doable. In any case, I haven't quit yet.

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