Monday, March 10

YogaMo Day 6

Who knew that yoga would be good for chores? After dinner I took a nap, catnap, whatever sort of thing, and when I finally decided to open my eyes and get up, it was only a few minutes after eight (when it felt like it should be nine or ten; seriously, time changes are over-rated). I came back to roll out my mat, sat down and procrastinated, and remembered I needed to pull my laundry out of the dryer. On my way, I came upon the dishwasher and remembered I was going to put the clean dishes away, too. So I put those away, grabbed my laundry, and then, and only then, did I actually get ready for yoga. Ta da.

Anyway, today's video was restful working on the lower back, and I liked it. My mind has been very busy the last couple of days, and tonight was no exception. So I was glad of the chance to focus on something beneficial, strengthening, and relaxing. My thoughts still drifted a little, but not as much as before. Not when I'm adjusting my laptop so I can see the screen, learning knew stretches, and working on more familiar ones. I like the chance to recenter myself, putting the stressors aside for a time, and just breathe.

I think Erin Motz's videos probably aren't exactly for a complete beginner, but her instruction style is easy enough to follow, and I don't get discouraged if I can't do it quite like she can. She mentions things that you can do if you want a deeper stretch, and I usually don't, but it's nice to have the range and to know I'm not being egged on to push past my limits. That I think, is a mark of a good teacher. Pretty cool that I can get that online, huh?


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