Thursday, March 13

YogaMo Day 8

As Wednesdays are the days I work late, yesterday I decided I get to skip yoga on Wednesdays if I want to. Today, I didn't want to yoga, but I tried to keep in mind how it makes me feel better when I'm done, so I gathered myself and pulled up the video.

Longish, whiny story short, I had difficulty getting the video to load (no idea why; nothing seemed different from the previous times), and was about to quit. I kid you not, I had just copied an image from my screen (not the one pictured below, because the one pictured below is cooler) and was about to post a very brief journal entry when, ta da!, the video spontaneously resumed.

So, okay, I was kind of fascinated, and there were only about eight minutes left, so while I had just been giving up for the night, I changed my mind and kept on going. However, I did not even attempt the pose seen above. But I'm glad I got to see it.

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