Saturday, November 5

{phfr} Owl City Concert

round button chicken

The day came! Or rather, Owl City came!

It was a great evening, much as I anticipated (the realistic part). We had a grand little group together.

Waiting in the chilly evening, God gave us a {pretty} sunset, though I admit I was fairly distracted with the surreality of the day of the concert upon us. I had cleared and charged my camera to have it ready for the evening, and nearly panicked when I thought I'd left it at home. I got a few (140) pictures (and silent videos) through the evening. But mostly, once we were inside, I enjoyed being in the moment.

Rebekah and Kelsey, the smart ones, keeping me warm.
We started out in the wrong line. We already had tickets, but we were in the line for people who didn't. So after we moved to the correct line, we realized we were now in the longer line! Once the doors opened, though, it moved pretty fast.

Even though I was chilly (my coat was in the car because I didn't want to haul it around once inside), I was very {happy} and the girls were cute and hugged me to keep me warm. Of course we got a picture. I'm sure you thought we were nuts, but thanks, Ty!

Inside was nicely warmer. And darker.

Once things got a-goin' we listened to Unwed Sailor play three of their instrumentals, and Days Difference set up after that.

Somewhere in there, Rebekah went to get water and found glowstick bracelets! That was also happy to this giddy girl.

Also happy and a little {funny}, between the Days Difference and Owl City performances, Rebekah and I scooted over to the merchandise table, where I bought a little owlet 'cuz it was soft, fluffy, squishy, and cute. I like dolls. I always will. Cain't he'p it. Won't try.

And because Owl City is sneaky, I was looking for him to be hanging around, maybe to take a picture of the crowd before he took the stage.

With Nathanael's help...I found him.

The pictures I took of him all came out blurry. The video was sharper, but my laptop won't open the video, nor can I currently figure out how to make Blogger upload it.

Forget Waldo, do you see Adam?

I should have gone over there, even if I wouldn't have gotten to say "Hi." Rebekah asked and encouraged...and I was too shy. (I knew it! I knew that would happen.)

The rest of the concert was really cool. It was both a bit surreal and super real that Adam Young was some thirty feet away from me. He looks nice in his pictures, but they don't do him justice. That is a good lookin' fella, there.

Here are a few of the better pictures. I plan to make an album on Facebook shortly with more pictures from the whole evening.

This was Lonely Lullaby. I think it made him cry, and I wanted to hug him to be happy again.

Sadly, the part of the evening I was hoping for most—to meet Adam Young—did not happen. After the encore, the band left...and never came back out. I suppose it's because they're performing tonight in Nebraska and had to get back in the air. But I really wanted a chance to at the very least say "Hi." And I didn't get that chance.

I guess that dream did turn to dust.

The bow.
Thank you for coming to OKC, Owl City.


  1. Dorothea, I'm a middle-aged lady, and never heard of these people, but I'm glad you had a good time!!

  2. Haha, thanks, Lisa! It was a good time.