Wednesday, November 2

Toothless Cars and Singing Owls


Do you name your cars? My last one was a Chevy S-10 pickup, cute thing in a nice solid blue. Handy for helpin' people move and great for getting me to school and back. When I got it, there were some Tinkerbell tshirts in the store with the text "Ready to Fly". I loved it. I bought one for me and two more to act as seat covers for the pickup. It was either right before that or right after that, I named the pickup "Tinkerbell." Later, as I was driving some nearby Oklahoma hills (mountain folk would no doubt laugh at me), I was having some trouble getting the truck to I encouraged it (what, you don't talk to your cars?), "C'mon, Little Engine. You think you can, you think you can." And it was thereafter always in my mind "The Little Engine."

That was years ago. I now have a Jeep (and I'm silly, so I like to say "yeep") in a dark blackberry color. Of course, when I got it, I knew it had to have a name, too. Cars are something like boats, in that way. They just have to have names...though the name doesn't have to be painted onto the side. That might be a bit too odd. Anyway, after driving the peppy, small SUV, hearing the engine purr, and zipping it up to highway speed without trying, I had a name for my cute, dark traveling machine. "Toothless."

The yeep's full name is "Toothless the Night Fury," and that can be shortened however I want to at any given moment. Mostly I figure it'll be Toothless. My dad likes "Fury," especially when merging onto the highway.


Do you remember my excitement at Owl City coming to town? That excitement hasn't died down. I've had my tickets for weeks, and one of my friends, Kelsey, whose musical style is influenced by Adam Young's, has been counting down the days with me since early October.


File:Owlcity.pngIf you want to help me, you could sign a petition that says, "Dear Adam Young, please find Dorathea Maynard at your Oklahoma City concert and ask her to dance. I promise she won't say 'no.'" and send that to him.

...At the very least, I hope I get to meet the shy Christian boy from Owatonna. :)


And as one last aside on this mezcla post... My head fits in my purse. Yes, for the fun of it, I really tried it.

"I think I've found Narnia!"


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