Sunday, October 9

Look Who's Coming to Town

Remember when I mentioned that if Owl City came to my state, I wouldn’t mind if Adam Young were to ask me to dance? (I thought of this because of his lyrics to “Yacht Club.”)

Well, Owl City is coming to town.

AND I GET TO GO!!!! I already have my ticket.

And I still wouldn’t mind if Adam Young should be so inclined as to ask me to dance.

Now, I know what will realistically probably happen. I’ll get a little dressed up (…what?) and go with my friends, and he’ll be there, and the band will play, and my friends will have a rockin’ time, and I’ll sing along, and be flushed and smiling to my ears the whole time, and the concert will end, and I will get together with my friends all jazzed and not ready to go home, and eventually we’ll all wind down and decide it’s time to end the party, and I’ll go home with a wonderful evening still floating in my mind. And that'll be it.

But, I still imagine how nice it would be if Adam Young were to call me out specifically or I were to win a random come-meet-Adam prize. Maybe we would hit it off, maybe I would make an impression and he’d find me after his tour is over, maybe we could be friends, and maybe we could just have a nice chat. There I go again into that absentminded woolgathering, but it’s still fun to imagine, and dream; I haven’t been dreaming much lately…and “dreams don’t turn to dust.”

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